Inner Circle Mastermind Program

You Don't Have To Do This Alone

The Case Names Inner Circle Mastermind Program is an invite only exclusive peer group lead by Case Names founder David Cardon and his senior Case Names Growth Coaches. This program is not for everyone. The program has been specifically created for those tenacious growth mind set attorneys whose goal is to grow their law firm as a business, not a law practice. 

Get Exclusive Access To Proven Growth Strategies

Inner Circle Mastermind Program members get access to a growing library of ready to execute right now proven marketing strategies, appointment setting and client closing scripts, a complete “done for you” guide to closing more new clients than ever before during the first appointment, video how-to’s, interviews with attorneys who are having success right now growing their firms, and more to help you be successful growing your law firm, teach you how to fish yourself, and make you a more successful lawyer where it counts… the bottom line profit of your firm. 

Get Support From Experts And Peers

A cornerstone of the Inner Circle Mastermind Program is the weekly accountability call with your peer group and Attorney Growth Coach. Each week you will meet with your new Growth team to share wins, diagnose failures, learn from your coaches, and track progress. Your growth coach and your peers – growth minded lawyers just like you will work together  as a team to support each other and succeed together. Peer Groups are territory exclusive so no attorney in the same primary practice area and territory are ever put into the same group with a mandate of open information sharing and transparency. 

Is This What You Have Dreamed About?

When you have decided that growing your law firm is the direction to go in you have two choices: You can reinvent the wheel and figure it out yourself or you can work with a like minded motivating team of experts and peers who all want you to succeed. If you’d rather sail with the wind at your back instead of in your face we invite you to apply for membership. Acceptance is not guaranteed and is not based on your ability to pay. Entry into this unique high performance program is decided on a case by case basis and highly dependent on the mindset, attitude, and expectations of those who we qualify as ready for the next level. We invite you to begin application with a phone call to 1 (757) 620 – 3283.