Full Service Mailing + Appointment Setting

Turn On Case Names Full Service Mailing + Appointment Setting And Automate The Growth Of Your Law Firm.

With Case Names Full Service Mailing + Appointment Setting we do all of the heavy lifting and bring the hottest possible leads right into your office without you lifting a finger. Tell us what kind of cases you want, what jurisdictions you practice in, provide us with your preferred direct mail marketing (or choose from our proven library of successful marketing materials only available under this program or through our Master Mind program)  and you’re done. 

Case Names leverages proprietary AI and Big Data to find exact contact and case information in real time, intelligently filter leads for quality, merge only the best prospects into your preferred marketing templates, produce direct mail pieces, and deliver them direct to the post office. Leverage bulk mail rates and efficiencies of scale to conduct the most cost effective hyper targeted marketing possible for lawyers.

Marketing materials contain a dedicated phone number that is exclusive to you and directly connect prospects to our office. Fully trained American sales professionals are ready to qualify incoming prospects and SET THE APPOINTMENT FOR YOU. Using the latest in web based technologies our team will have live real time access to see your free time on your calendar (works with Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar) and know when you are available based on rules you setup. 

Best of all, you hold us accountable by receiving a list  of every prospect and what marketing piece they received on a daily or weekly basis. Pay only for the list, pieces sent, and appointments set. No excessive spending. You get access to recordings of all calls so you can hear exactly how the call was handled and be as prepared as possible when the lead walks into your office to discuss their matter.  

Simple. Effective. Efficient. Done For You.

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