About Us

The Story

Case Names was started in 2001 by Award Winning Legal Elite Virginia Attorney David A. Cardon as a way to break through the growth barriers that hinder small to mid-size law firms.

David spent 5 years as an associate at a very large 300+ lawyer firm who utilized an army of personnel and large scale marketing budgets to keep the firm growing. When the time came for David to break out on his own and start Cardon Law he knew that winning new clients would be a challenge. He needed a better way to break through the noise in the market from competing law firms and demonstrate why clients should choose his law firm over anyone else. 

An avid technology enthusiast David combined his passion for helping people with his enthusiasm for leveraging technology and launched the original Case Names service to help build his law firm into an extremely successful 20+ year practice in Virginia Beach, Virgina. 

The Epiphany

During David’s rapid growth many of his peers inquired how he was getting so many cases when he had just recently launched an independent law firm. Friends and competitors alike assumed there was outside money involved or some kind of secret he was holding close to his chest.

In fact there was. David figured out that the key to winning clients was to do two key things that few other lawyers focused on:

  1. Actively market only to clients who are known to have a real need and get to them before anyone else does.
  2. Demonstrate and deliver massive value in advance of the first consultation to eliminate competition and price comparison. 
With these guiding principals in mind David was able to quickly build his law firm and continue with a successful track record that continues today with over 20+ years in the business.
In addition to his law firm David and his team at Case Names have gone on to evolve the company to include the integration of enterprise level AI and Big Data combined with full service precision marketing services for attorneys.
As a way of giving back to his fellow lawyers David also began offering hands on mentoring and coaching for small to mid-size law firms in order to help them realize the practice of their dreams. The Inner Circle Mastermind Program was created to help  business minded attorneys achieve the law firm of their dreams through proven best practices and systems coupled with peer group coaching and mentoring. Together, Case Names and it’s clients are working tirelessly every day to improve the practice of law.